The Technique to Attract or Vashikaran in Sanskrit has been used from time emmorial. This age old technique is useful in solving problems that a person is facing in their marital life, love affair, divorce and on the professional front. Pandit T C Sharma is a Tantra Astrologer. He has a speciality in Shatkarmas. These Shatkarmas can be categorised in to Shantikaran, Vashikaran, Uchatan, Videshan, Stambhan and Maran.

If you are interested in making peace with a dead person, or you want to give peace to the soul of a dead person, this technique is of use to you. It can also be used in making peace with living people.

It is used in controlling the thought process on another human being. If you want to take emotional control of a person, then this technique is of great use for you.

This can be used to create misunderstandings between two individuals. It can create a feeling of negativity between two other people.

This generates an extremely negative atmosphere among two individuals. If you stand to benefit from generating misunderstanding among two other people, then this is a useful weapon for you.

If you feel some other person has cast a black magic spell on you. If you are interested in removing this spell on you that is not letting you get the desired results, then you need to get in touch with Pandit T C Sharma for this technique.

This powerful technique is used to kill an individual. It can be used to eliminate a person anywhere in the world and is not confined by proximity or geographical location of the targetted person.

Vashikaran in detail:
Vashikaran involves using Mantras and Yantras in controlling the mind, thinking process, actions and complete behaviour of a person. From ancient times, Tantra Gurus have studied this technique and mastered these arts. Vashikaran is used in controling and influencing the loved ones by many people over the ages. These techniques have been followed by both the royal classes and the common people over the years, especially in marriage. However, keep in mind that Vashikaran will work effectively only if the intended target is a person on whom the technique is being used has harboured affectionate feelings  and love towards a person earlier on in the past. There are other factors that are important to a successful  Vashikaran ritual, like the planetary positions and expertise of the person performing these rituals.

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