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Astrology  -  Astrology is a subject that creates interest in one and all. People have sought answers through astrology for centuries for some problem or the other....Read more

Kundli  -  Janam Kundli or Astrological Birth Charts are the methodical calculations taking into account the position of the Sun, the Moon and the Planets, the time and place of birth of the person... Read more

Black Magic  -  Black magic is the malicious use of dark energies and power by evil people to harm and bring misfortune onto others...Read more

Get your love back  -  Has true love vanished from your relationship? Is the person who matters the most in your life not reciprocating your feelings?Read more

Vashikaran  -  Vashikaran is a Sanskrit word which means The Technique to Attract. This age old technique can be used to solve problems being faced in marriage, affair, divorce and work. Our Guruji is a Tantra Astrologer and specializes in Shatkarmas...Read more

Palmistry  -  The art of reading a person's hand and get an insight into various aspects of the person's life is known as Palmistry...Read more

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